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We challenge all of our employees to meet new levels of quality and customer service excellence. Supported by a highly flexible, responsive, and agile small business providing project management and surge support and the industry leading reach back of large organizations, we achieve new levels of customer satisfaction, performance, reliability, and workforce stability.


Expeditionary Technology Corporate Staff

Melvin Evans


Mr. Evans has over 20 years of management and technical experience in the field of information technology, logistics, and systems engineering. He has held senior management positions with a major media outlet, and with major systems integrators, high tech consulting firms, and electronic systems and computing manufacturers prior to joining Expeditionary Technology in 2006.


Under Mr. Evan’s leadership, Expeditionary Technology was selected as one of the top 25 small businesses in Atlanta’s Cobb County Business community.


Mr. Evans is an Alabama State University graduate in Computer Science and has multiple high level technical certifications.


David Heino

Vice President

Mr. Heino has over 20 years of management and technical expertise in the field of information technology, logistics, and systems engineering. He has held senior management and technical position with industry leading management and technology consulting firm, a major aerospace corporation and the U.S. Army prior to founding Expeditionary Technology in 1998. He has acted as a client engagement team leader and senior systems engineer for an industry leading consulting firm.


As Vice President of Expeditionary Technology Services Inc. , he is responsible for the leadership of the operations and business development efforts of the firm. Working as part of a cohesive management team under the leadership of Melvin Evans, President, they implemented a SCAA approved accounting system ISO9001-2008 certification, and maintain world class management systems.


Mr. Heino earned his masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus of Management Information Systems from George Mason University. He is a disabled veteran with 23 years of service, including 17 years as a commissioned officer. Mr. Heino is a combat veteran and disabled veteran who served in Afghanistan as a mobilized Army Special Forces Commander.



Senior Program Manager, Logistics

Stephen Gahan

Mr. Gahan has 20-plus years of experience in strategic, operational, and tactical planning as a senior manager. 18 years of working experience in Latin American – operational familiarity with Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil , Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. 10 years of experience in logistical support of counter-illicit trafficking operations.