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Innovative Defense and Aerospace Technology Development



Information Technology


We support SOUTHCOM, the Department of Homeland Security missions, and the exchange of information between joint, coalition, and federal agencies. Many of our staff are certified information assurance technicians. We leverage our information assurance experience on a variety of contracts to ensure that applicable information assurance requirements are followed in support of this effort.


Logistical Support


Expeditionary Technology conducts analysis of Annual Inspection Programs. We research current methods by our clients to conduct the inspections, gather, and record the inspection data. Expeditionary assesses how human interaction with the system can improve the efficiency and quality of the inspection program. We then develop system story boards and perform business process improvement techniques to engineer improved usability.

Field Operations & Support


Expeditionary Technology provides operations center support for field operations and exercises in the areas of emergency preparedness and contingency planning. We are currently assisting the DOT & ARMY with conducting exercises to prepare for emergencies

Early Reporting Systems


Expeditionary Technology supports enterprise wide implementation of Same Time Instant Messaging. We work with various systems control boards and security boards and were successful in implementing single sign on with our customers email and web based applications. We perform interoperability testing with the various systems using the single sign on. We organize a large pool of beta users from various locations throughout the country to conduct formal testing and evaluation documents.

Modelling and Simulations


Expeditionary provides relevant services in the building, production, fabrication, testing, evaluation, and operation of reduced and full scale models, mockups, prototypes, production units, and research and development test tools of electronic and electromechanical systems, and system elements.